Archetic DMIT Software

  • Archetic DMIT Software is the most respected DMIT Software in the world.
  • Every DMIT Software in the world has a limitation that it can not analyze Arch fingerprint pattern but Archetic DMIT is beyond the limitations ! It analyzes all the Arches so even if a person has all 10 Arches, the report is generated like a normal person with complete data and 100% accuracy.
  • 100 pages of Archetic DMIT report, the most comprehensive and detailed DMIT report in the world.
  • Covers more than 35 parameters and 100 career options.
  • Cover even MBTI which is must in all the educational institutes, technical colleges and corporates.
  • Cover Psychometric test in the report itself.
  • Archetic DMIT Software will be on your own brand and report is customized according to you.
  • Completely cloud server based software, hack proof, theft proof and loss proof.
  • Generate unlimited number of reports on your own brand.
  • You can give report generation rights to others without compromising the loss of software because everything is in your control(ADMIN).
  • No Royalty, No Recharge, No Renewal, just one time cost.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Upgradation in future with latest technology and findings.
  • Strongly recommended for the people who are targeting the schools and other educational institutions.
  • Life time after sales service and support.

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