What is the authenticity of DMIT ?

This is one of the most common objection raised in DMIT industry. Most people raise the question about the authenticity of DMIT report.

In DMIT report, it's claimed that Left Thumb, Left Index finger, Left Middle finger, Left Ring finger and Left Little finger represent Interpersonal intelligence, Imagination intelligence, Kinesthetic (Gross Motor Skills), Musical Intelligence and Visual Interpretation respectively and Right Thumb, Right Index finger, Right Middle finger, Right Ring finger and Right Little finger represent Intrapersonal intelligence, Logical Mathematical intelligence, Kinesthetic intelligence (Find motor skills), Linguistic intelligence and Naturalist intelligence but there is no evidence anywhere which proves this claim to be scientific.

DMIT report reveals many benefits like Inborn talent, Multiple Intelligence, Learning Style, IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ, Extra curricular activities, Career Option and many more but again on what basis ? What is the authenticity of all these claims ?

Infact the Father of Multiple Intelligences Dr. Howard Gardner himself does not accept DMIT then how can a reputed school/institution accept DMIT. What is the Scientific Evidence that we can find out Multiple Intelligence, Learning Style and other such qualities through fingerprints. And when there is no scientific evidence then what is the Authenticity of DMIT report ?