Challenging Objections in DMIT Business

Every genuine customer has the rights to raise objections before he/she buys any product or service. By raising objections, customer is not creating hurdle in your business but he is just using his birth right. It's our incompetency that we are not able to handle his objections in effective manner. So sharpen your skills and get ready to answer below mentioned challenging objections raised in DMIT industry by a genuine customer :

  • What is the Authenticity of DMIT report ?
  • How can we find out Multiple Intelligence through fingerprints, how is it possible ?
  • How is DMIT different from Astrology ?
  • I belong to a Doctor family so I would want my child to become a doctor only ?
  • Are you authorized to conduct DMIT test ?
  • This is a field of Psychology and Counseling and you are not a qualified Psychologist or Counselor, then how can you conduct this DMIT test and counseling ?
  • I will check with my family Doctor and get back to you.
  • Let me do some work and get back to you.
  • I would like to Google it before taking the decision.
  • Your price is too high, some other company is offering me same DMIT report for Rs. 1000/- only, so why should I pay you more ?