DMIT Benefits

  • Inborn Talent
    Discover your inborn talent with DMIT report.
  • Personality & Behaviour
    Discover your personality and its traits.
  • SWOT Analysis
    Find out your SWOT analysis to make a right move in your career.
  • Multiple Intelligences
    Find out the level of multiple intelligences in you.
  • Career Options Make the right move in your career. Know your right career option with DMIT report.
  • Brain Dominance
    Discover whether you are left brain dominant or right brain dominant.
  • Extra Curricular Activities
    Get to know the best extra curricular activities to indulge in based on your inborn intelligence.
  • Stream Selection Find out the best suitable stream for you by DMIT report.
  • Learning Style
    Find out your preferred learning style.
  • Remedies Know your weak area and develop it.