Why do DMIT Companies fail ?

Most people enter into DMIT business because of excitement and enthusiasm. They are shown huge potential and big dreams in DMIT Business. But when they actually enter into the field they face a different world all together which they had never thought of. They fail because of many reasons and some of them are mentioned below :

  • Unaware from the real picture of DMIT world
  • Don't receive the right knowledge about DMIT subject from their mentor.
  • They are not trained enough on right skills to present DMIT to tough customers like school Principals, Director, Psychologist etc.
  • They are unable to handle customer's objections.
  • They are not provided with the authentic DMIT software. Therefore their DMIT report is also inaccurate and it only partly matches with customer. So customer does not trust the concept of DMIT.
  • They are not able to provide any Scientific Evidence of DMIT. And in absence of Scientific Evidence of DMIT they fail to prove the Authenticity of the DMIT concept.
  • They lack various skills such as Effective Communication Skills, Listening, Presentation Skills, Selling Skills, Price Positioning Skills, Objection Handling Skills and Closing Skills. These Skills are must in running the business of DMIT successfully.
  • They just acquire DMIT software not Soft Skills.
  • Unwillingness to learn and develop themselves.
  • Not enough "Fire in Belly"