Midbrain Objections

Every genuine customer has the rights to raise objections before he/she buys any product or service. By raising objections, customer is not creating hurdle in your business but he is just using his birth right. It's our incompetency that we are not able to handle his objections in effective manner. So sharpen your skills and get ready to answer below mentioned challenging objections raised in Midbrain industry by a genuine customer :

  • What is the scientific evidence of Midbrain Activation ?
  • My child is perfectly fine then why should I go for this blindfold reading ?
  • Midbrain activation does not have any direct benefits in my child's studies, then whay should I enroll my child for this programme ?
  • What if there is any side effect of your Midbrain Activation Music on my child ?
  • What is the exact frequency of your Midbrain Activation Music and how do you maintain that frequency while playing the music ?
  • I have seen so much of negativity about Midbrain on internet, then why should I enroll my child for such programme ?
  • Who authorized you to conduct such programme ?
  • Do you have any qualification in Midbrain Activation Training ?
  • Your price is too high, some other company is offering me same Midbrain Activation course for less than Rs.5000/- only, they why should I pay you more ?