Midbrain Software

Midbrain Software is a revolution in Midbrain industry. Most people in Midbrain industry use dongle to run Midbrain Activation program but that's not the case with us. We offer a highly user friendly Midbrain Activation Software where all the contents are there in the software including Midbrain Activation Track.

Some of the key highlights of Midbrain Activation Software are as follows :

  • Complete software is on your brand.
  • You can add unlimited no. of Franchise through your Midbrain Activation Software.
  • You can set the expiry for each franchise in the software itself.
  • You can also set the time period for Midbrain Activation Track.
  • You will approve the activation request and then only your franchise will be able to play Midbrain Activation track.
  • You can block any franchise any time through your Midbrain Activation Software.
  • 100% data security, all the contents are copy proof that means your user can only use your contents but can not copy or download from your software.

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