Why do schools say "No" to DMIT ?

Most of the reputed schools say "No" to DMIT. Most schools ask these questions :

  • What is the Authenticity of DMIT Concept ?
  • What is the Authenticity of your DMIT report ?
  • What is the scientific co-relation between each finger's print and its claimed intelligence ?
  • The Father of Multiple Intelligences, Dr. Howard Gardner, himself does not support DMIT report then how can we accept this ?
  • Is DMIT business authorized by any Government body ?
  • If Government is not authorizing DMIT business then how can we accept this ?
  • What if any parent sue us because of your DMIT report ?
  • You are not a Certified Counselor then how can you run this business ?
  • Why don’t you do it free of cost for our school ?

Most of the DMIT business owners are not able to provide the satisfactory answer to such questions.
And people fail drastically in providing any Scientific Evidence of DMIT which creates doubt in the mind of school. In absence of any Scientific Evidence of DMIT, school is always afraid to accept such concept because it will put school's reputation at stake. And no school will ever compromise with its reputation.

So that's why school simply say "No" to DMIT