Why do DMIT companies Fail ?

(Run your DMIT business successfully) by Sanjay Gautam & Tripta Narwara


Paperback Rs. 999/-

There are more than 2500 companies of DMIT in India. These companies enter into DMIT business with lot of enthusiasm and excitement but more than 50% of them end up closing their business within 6 months of operation. And 80% of them close their business within 12 months of time.

Iceberg India has been into DMIT business for last 7 years and in last 7 years we have faced more than 5000 DMIT prospects and customers and have understood their main objection about DMIT as business as well as customer.

We, at Iceberg India, have taken this personal responsibility through this book to educate you about the difficulties which you will be facing in DMIT business and how to prepare yourself for a successful DMIT business.

Some of the important chapters covered in this book are mentioned below :

  • Dermatoglyphics
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • DMIT
  • DMIT as a business
  • Why do DMIT companies fail ?
  • Why do schools say No to DMIT ?
  • Challenging objections in DMIT business
  • Scientific Evidence of DMIT
  • DMIT Authenticity
  • How to make DMIT business successful?
  • Success KASH
  • Advice to new entrepreneur
  • How to remain motivated in DMIT?
  • DMIT Sales Pitch
  • Objection Handling Skills in DMIT Business
  • Sales Closing Skills in DMIT Business
  • Reference Generation Skills in DMIT Business

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